Thursday, May 21, 2015

Omni Hub's Quote of the Month

I thought I'd give Hub a new name...Omni Hub. He's omnivorous you see, he eats anything except red meat (hurrah!) these days. However, it was something particularly funny he said to me last night that made me think "ah yes this is Omni Hub talking."

After work I decided to tone shits up at a 7pm spin class and Hub was going to make red wine pumpkin risotto for us. I asked him if he could leave out the cheese in my portion to which he replied "yes, darling." Then I asked him if he could leave out the butter altogether and use olive oil instead to which he retorted "Stop trying to take the fun out of things!" He made it without the butter.

Just an example of the everyday clashings between me, the transitioning vegan, and the Omni Hub. 


P.S. I enjoyed my risotto but Hub was less impressed with his portion after topping it with handful of Parmesan and knob of butter. Winner. 
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