Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Gettin' Over the Hump: Detoxin'

I'm going to detox for exactly 4 weeks, so there! I've put it out into the world wide web and I can't take it back...or I'll look like such a dumb ass.

Since January I've been saying this to Hub repeatedly and every time he rolls his eyes at me because I fail miserably. The booze has been most difficult to curb, but lately I haven't been making the most healthful choices either. Work too has been hard and stressful for Hub and I and in turn we've been drinking a lot more in an effort to wind down in the evenings. I'm also having a terrible flare up with my eczema, which is a sign of internal inflammation and I feel inflamed. So it's time. 

Have you ever done a detox? I think taking a clean break and rebooting your God pod is fabulous and here's why:

Our livers are responsible for the majority of day-to-day detoxification, but if our livers are overwhelmed with toxins the body stores them as fat!

So here are 10 signs that your liver is in need of a thorough detox.

Weight loss and new found energy are just some of the many physical benefits of detoxing, but there are also deeper mental and spiritual changes that can come about too.

Sometimes a cleansing detox can feel like a burden, but I'm looking forward to increasing the good stuff and coming up with some recipes that include these 10 cleansing foods.

Last year I detoxed with Kris Carr and I felt great after 3 weeks of eating a whole foods plant-based alkalizing diet and taking a breather from the booze. So that's what I'm gonna do. I'm very excited and I'll keep you posted on my progress.


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