Sunday, June 10, 2012

Remnants of Jubilee Past

I walk through Columbia Road each day on my way to work and I loved the leftover window displays from the Diamond Jubilee. Funnily enough (or normal for London) the cute boutiques on Columbia Road are only open on the weekends for a fleeting moment, so these were up all week long.

Angela Flanders is a great perfumery. It's lovely inside, very boudoir-esque, and their scents are both classic and homemade. 

Columbia Road is a great place for knick knacks. This shop also had God Save the Queen tea towels. 

This would make the perfect gag gift, especially for someone like Hub's cousin who is anti-Royals.

The local art shop paid homage to the flotilla, which they called here a pageant. Strange.

I convinced Hub to take me to our local street party outside the Cat & Mutton. They had a fun cover band, a la New Orleans.

 We danced and had beers and cider. 

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