Sunday, May 27, 2012

Have you heard of Lecce?

So I was reading my Twitter feed this morning and Fashion Editor at Large Melanie Rickey mentioned how she adores Lecce. This prompted me to immediately Google this unknown city and here is what I found. According to Wiki it's known as "Florence of the South" but don't say that to anyone from Puglia. You might get a dirrty look. I use to study in Florence so this definitely has my ears perked up and it's located in il tacco, which I've always wanted to explore. I found this article from the NY Times that has great feedback from readers and I also discovered this...


Hub and I like staying in apartments when traveling, feels like a home away from home and we can cook some nights instead of dining out all the time. I love the look & feel of these colorful mini apartments from Bed Lecce - simple, yet modern, brightly decorated, with terrace and start from 50euros. Not bad.

I also read about beautiful farmhouses converted into luxury hotels. If we felt like splurging, I would love to check out Masseria Montelauro. I mean this just looks stunning.


Puglia the region is known for their egg less pasta, bread, wine & olives/olive oil. I can imagine Lecce is just filled with great bakeries and for me, a glass of white wine with hearty fresh baked bread dipped in Italy's finest pressed olive oil/balsamic makes for a great lunch. But I've read loads about Cucina Casareccia- a hidden (literally, no sign), gotta make reservations or the ol' lady won't open the door for you, low key trattoria serving up food of the poor - wholesome, hearty and for less than $15. I really enjoyed this review of the restaurant.


There are several sites in Lecce that would be hard to miss like the Roman Amphitheatre, Basilica di Santa Croce, Charles V Castle, and St. Oronzo Square. However, I'm like the sound of the Church of St. Niccolo and Cataldo that was built in the Middle Ages (cool!) and Santa Maria della Grazia featuring hints of Greek influence. I also wouldn't be able to resist visiting an Italian beach, so neighboring Nardo would be great for a day trip or two. It's located on a natural reserve and has amazing coves that can only be reached to by foot.

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