Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cheese & Wine Party: How it's Done

One of my good friends and FashionEtc writer @ErinDonnelly threw the best Cheese & Wine Party for us girls. She had an impressive selection of fromages, which she purchased from Borough Market and Androuet at Spitalfields Market. This was Erin's selection and the order in which we ate them:

  • Morbier - Pinot Noir
  • Meule des Bergers -Pinot Noir
  • Gratte Paille -Pinot Noir
  • Tomme de Pebra d'Ai (Borough Market) - Sauvignon Blanc
  • Langres (Borough Market) - Prosecco
  • Cornish Blue  - Rose
We were a small group of 8 and were each assigned a type of wine to bring. The selection was a mixed batch between cow, sheep, and goats cheese and Erin had lots of yummy additions on the table. Plump grapes, fruit & nut bread, sliced pears & apples, almond stuffed olives and fiery stuffed red peppers. She said Androuet was very helpful and recommended cheeses, qty for our group, the order in which they should be eaten and what wines would match each cheese. They were all wonderful, but the Cornish Blue was out of this world! 
If you don't have a good cheese shop nearby, I discovered this website Fromages.com that delivers worldwide and has great assembled cheeseboards. And check out Stylist's article on a Cheese & Beer pairing!
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