Saturday, November 5, 2011

Devon: The Boot Inn Country Pub

Soooo...I accidentally deleted my Thursday blog. So if you saw the original and are already on the A303 as we speak, I apologize.

BUT if you haven't then read on! If you're planning a trip to Devon/Cornwall, I would recommend taking a detour using the A303. Still takes you in the right direction, but you could swing by this tasty and quintessentially British country pub and take snaps of Stonehenge (cuz it's literally right on the road, see photo below).

Cozy, burning fireplace

Steak, goat cheese, caramelized onions sandwich (steak chunks have fried edges and fall out of the bloomer for picking)
Open fresh smoked trout/crayfish bloomer with lemony caper vinaigrette
I'm not much for tourist sites, but it was cool to jump out and take a photo on the road

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