Friday, November 4, 2011

Devon - Pickwell Manor

By JonnyBaker
Our new friends Steve and Susie started an exciting business venture along with their friends a few years ago...called Pickwell Manor. I'm a massive Jane Austin geek and when I had a chance to visit this amazing estate over the Royal Wedding holiday weekend (yep they had a party there) I was over the moon. To say the least.

They renovated and decorated the place themselves and all I can say is I'm dying to stay there for a weekend. The clincher was the amazing porcelain free standing tub raised on marbel slabs that overlook the grounds.

These pictures were taken from their website and yeah, I was blown away when I walk through myself.

Never seen windows like this before, I want!

Want this too

If you want to surprise your loved one with a special weekend getaway (take note Hub) or plan a countryside wedding or go on fab holiday with your familia, check this place out. The nearby beach is beautiful and so different then US beaches. Croyd is the a local town and is so cute - narrow roads, quaint pubs, old thatch roof houses. The ladies of Pickwell Manor also got a blog about life in Pickwell. 
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