Thursday, December 11, 2014

Drinking Light

I love my wine and equally I love a creative cocktail. Since I've been home for the holidays I've been indulging at any appropriate time - tamarind margarita for lunch, champagne cocktail aperitif, red wine for dinner and post dinner. It's been wonderful. 

However, I'm well aware that my extra boozing could lead to unwanted pounds. Well that and all the dining out I've been doing. Don't worry this post is not about avoiding alcohol. I'm not insane, but I thought I'd look into low-calorie options and we got options for those office parties and holiday get togethers coming up. 

If you're into cocktails, Glamour has a great list of classic low-calorie options. I love gin & tonic and it's only a little over 100 calories!

Although I will probably always gravitate towards bold and heavy reds, this is a great post about calories in wine. I also love the look of these "light" whites.

I'm not a big beer fan and the beer I do like (sweet, strong, Belgium) will give me a beer belly. Light beers are boring, but Men's Health has an interesting list of brews that are light yet interesting.

Here's a thorough list of common drinks, spirits and beer and how they measure up on the caloric scale. 
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