Thursday, December 10, 2015

Healthy Holiday Eating

Come the 1st of January so many of us are going to make grand health declarations to ourselves. We're going to start working out every week, we're going to finally stop eating shit, we're going to obliterate those extra pounds (and then some) that we packed on in December. 2016 is going to be the year! Unfortunately, the majority of us will drop our promises as soon as we are snowed in mid-February in a house full of Oreos and delivery menus. I love making New Year's resolutions as much as the next person, but they are doomed from the start. So what are we waiting for, why not start now?

Well, it's because we want to have the last hurrah and stuff ourselves with warm pies and extra stuffing! We hesitate in making changes now because want to indulge in the upcoming holiday parties and go fucking nuts on New Years and THEN commit to better health. However, this type of logic never works and it hindering our health goals. One of the things I quickly realized in booze-free October is that there's always going to be a special event that is going to test our strength and we shouldn't treat Christmas any differently. As Rich Roll wrote in the Art of Living with Purpose, we have to learn to work through those uncomfortable moments and be comfortable with being uncomfortable. The other thing to keep in mind whilst navigating the holiday spread, is that we derail our goals and progress with every cheat meal. Believe me I know and was doing it up until a few days ago.

Yesterday I went to see my doctor and he gave me the tough-love pep talk that I needed to hear. He was disappointed that my sugar levels haven't improved. I send him an honest and thorough food diary with my glucose readings and my diabetes is not improving because of the choices I'm making. In September Hub and I went to Europe for two weeks and I indulged a little bit because I was on holiday. In my mind I was doing things moderately and as soon as I returned to Rio I'd eat right 100%. Prior to our trip I was reaching my fasting glucose targets a few times a week, which were 90s mg/dl, but this quickly changed as I started cheating on my diet. More than two months have passed and my morning fasting readings are 120s mg/dl and I haven't been able to get them down. My doctor reminded me that I am in control of my own happiness and I just need to dig deep.

So as soon I walked out of that office I felt empowered. We can improve upon whatever health issues we're battling with diet, but it's a conscious choice that we have to make day-in and day-out. Personally I'm feeling optimistically committed and there's no reason why I can't enjoy EATING at the holidays and still be healthy. Anybody want to join me?

I'll be sharing daily healthy eats as I travel about this season on Instagram (@thejordansdiary), so enough with the excuses and let's do this! 

[In London I had a wonderful meal with my buddies from my old job at 34 and we devoured that cheesecake. Ahh memories]
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