Saturday, October 3, 2015

30 Days Booze-Free Challenge

That's right folks! Hub and I are going alcohol-free for 30-days and then some. Our end date is all hallows eve, when we welcome one of our favorite couples to Rio Dana & Joel.

Hub and I went to the London and Sardinia for a few weeks and it was fucking fabulous, but boy did we indulge! The week leading up to our holiday I was super stressed with work and I found myself craving a big glass of red to wind down. No biggie I know, but it was out of routine for me and I was using the wine to drown the stresses of the day and I don't think that's so healthy. 

We went back to Sardinia to celebrate our one-year wedding anniversary and we drank a lot of Sardinian wines! At home we hold back and so it was nice to let go on holiday and have a tipple whenever our little hearts desired. Local brut was a lunch staple, rosé in the afternoon and Cannonau at dinner.

Initially my plan was to stick to my healthy eating plan. How hard could it be especially with all the wonderful fresh seafood and good Italian veg? That quickly went out the window the moment someone mentioned GELATO. Um, yes please! From there gelato time was a daily occurrence and I went on a mission to find the best yogurt/pistachio combo. I decided stressing about eating healthy on vaca was dumb and I was going indulge a little. 

Back in London the drinking festivities carried on as I caught up with my friends. By day 13 I could feel my liver asking for a break and after one champagne heavy afternoon with my buddies from my old job, I decided to go cold turkey for awhile. I also noticed I packed on quite a few pounds in two weeks, 5 kgs to be exact and now my mid-section looked marshmallow-y. So I actually stopped drinking on the 27th September and plan on going until 31st of this month. I've taken some rather unpleasant before photos of Hub and I for your viewing pleasure and maybe we'll see some transformations!

Body-comp selfie start of trip in Italy
Body-comp selfie end of trip London

Web Motivation
Yesterday Hub sent me this inspiring article about October being the month to go sober or Stopober, which I totally didn't know. In London this Ben Greenfield podcast came into my feed about one man's transformation when he quit drinking, which was pretty pos. It then lead me to this blogpost on a 30 Days No Alcohol Experiment and it pushed me to just do it. 
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