Monday, January 19, 2015

George the Incredible Pug

Having George in our lives has surpassed my expectations. For the longest time I was dreaming of getting a dog and annoyingly stopping any stranger with a cute dog. Now I'm finally on the receiving end of stranger admiration, but I don't mind because it's nice that people are so taken away with George and of course, it's good socialization.

first ride home

I'm up to my eyeballs in puppy training and I find myself obsessively stressing out about it. Is this normal? As soon as George is up I'm already thinking about watching him at all times, is he doing a "I gotta pee/poo" sniff, feeding him at exactly the same times and then repeat. It's exhausting.

Having said all that, Hub and I are in love. It's incredible how this tiny little creature has brought so much joy into our life. I love how he goes into submission for a belly rub.

I love that he loves cuddles and kisses and yes I kiss my dog.

We basically love watching him sleep and have lots of photos of him just sleeping.

George gets his final vaccinations this week and we are so looking forward to taking him on his first walk and of course, outdoor potty training!

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