Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gettin' Over the Hump

This morning Hub woke me up at 7:40am for an 8am spin class and I so didn't want to go. I was in a snugly spot in bed and there wasn't enough time for me to gradually wake up over a cup of Jo. I was so close to bailing, but I went anyway. Afterwards I felt great and glad I went to class.

If you're not used to exercising, it can feel like a real chore. I hated exercising when I was younger, but I was unhappy with the way that I looked and wanted to change. Eventually I got into a groove and discovered workouts that I enjoyed and poof! Not only did I see my body change, but I noticed I felt better about myself and more positive about whatever came after. There are many health benefits to exercising in addition to losing weight and toning up. 


intensely increases the amount of calories you burn at rest and speeds up your metabolism

increases your sensitivity to insulin, which helps lower blood sugar

(Picture above taken on my 30th birthday. This is my morning look and probably the look I gave Hub today)
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