Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Gettin' over the Hump

I have some good news, my blood sugar levels are down! I took an HbA1c test, which measures sugar levels over the past three months, and I'm now borderline pre-diabetic/normal. Hub and I have adopted a much healthier lifestyle in Rio, but the biggest change I've made personally is eating a low-fat, but high-carb diet. Crazy right? Around May I started eating more fruits, brown rice, pasta, potatoes and beans and less nuts, cheese, yogurt and seafood. It worked and the proof is in the HbA1c pudding. 

I was inspired by Dr. Neal Barnard and Freelee the Banana Girl's abs, but I had to overcome my fear of carbs. My doc told me to watch my carb intake and the Internet says carbs makes you fat! Especially of late, there's all these new studies about how high fatty foods like steak and cheese are good for you and we should cut down on carbs. This is a problem because we're afraid to eat carbs, even the healthy kind! Sometimes I feel so confused, but I've found these links to be helpful in separating the truth from the noise. 

Dr. Neal Barnard highlights flaws in a recent study that claims low-carb is better than low-fat.  

Did you know that the rapid initial weight loss on a low-carbohydrate diet is mostly water, not body fat?

Love Kris Carr's breakdown on sugar and her best, better and worst sugar chart

Freelee talks Type 2 Diabetes

(Picture from our first trip to Sardinia. I was eating low-carb before our trip and don't I look skeptical of my own home cooked pasta?)
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