Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Sardinian Wedding

Hub and I got married on Saturday, 6th September in Santa Teresa di Gallura, a small fishing village off the northern coast of Sardinia. It was the first place we went on holiday together and where we got engaged. I always dreamed of having a destination wedding and we both agreed that it was the perfect backdrop for our nuptials.

Hub and I booked 10 days in Sardinia and we invited all our guests to join us at any point for a holiday. At first we were a little anxious about hosting everyone. We really wanted our friends and family to feel welcomed and relaxed in Santa Teresa, especially since they were all travelling from England, South Africa and the US to be with us. 

We planned a few excursions for our group and at the top of our list was dinner at a mareturismo. Sardinia is known for their agriturismos, farm based restaurants that serve local traditional fare where everything on the table is produce on the farm. It's such a lovely concept and everything from the Gallurese cheese to the Sardinian digestif mirto is made right there. So when we discovered the mareturismo Locanda dei Mori in Santa Teresa, which is similar but serves locally caught seafood instead of meat and pork, we were thrilled.

the marrying of two families

That evening was amazing and so Italian! The owner Michele was wonderful and he served us a feast of like 15 dishes. It was insane and absolutely delicious!

The following day a small group of us went on a boat tour of the Maddalena Islands and their stunning little beaches.

The rest of the week was dedicated to sunbathing on Reina Bianca beach and EATING. Prior to the trip I was trying out a vegan diet (more on that later), but in Santa Teresa I indulged in seafood. I love seafood and Gallurese cuisine is so deliciously healthy - fresh seafood with vegetables cooked simply with tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice. I was in heaven.

Half of our guests arrived early on in the week, while the remaining joined us for a long weekend and for our welcoming lunch on the Friday. We asked the owner Maurizio of Le Marlin Pizzeria to create a relaxed buffet for our guests, but he surprised us with a beautiful display of seafood pastas, vegetarian pizzas and all kinds of tasty nibbles. It was pretty amazing!

the groom and his ushers

our church San Vittorio Parish

our picture spot at La Madonna

We have yet to receive our official photos from our main photographer Angelo, but here are a few shots taken by his partner and our friends. 

I look forward to sharing our official photos with you, the story of Hub and I and all the little details that went into planning our dream wedding.


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