Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bemvindo ao Leme!

Welcome to our new digs! We finally got round to unpacking and the other night we invited our friends Shanna (of 360fit fame), Ky and their new baby girl Gisela Sky over for dinner. So the place was nice and tidy. I'm always curious to see other people's homes and wanted to share with you what an apartment in Rio looks like and our new neighborhood Leme. 

We made peanut butter pad thai for our friends, which was excellent.

I picked this up on my trip to Lima

my vintage vanity

Here's a short walk-through of our space.

Little GG conked out just after dinner...

but was up again an hour later.

radiating broodiness

Our view of down below and a little tour of Leme beach.

Sorry about the sound of the wind.

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