Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rio2014: Buteco Bars of Rio


Brazilian watering hole where you can find tasty salgadinhos, then wash them down with a mean caipirinha or ice cold choppe

Some of the best and cheapest eats in Brazil are the butecos or botequim, restaurants and bars serving traditional Brazilian fare with a side of live samba if you're lucky. They do big dishes to share like picanha steak or moqueca fish stew, but I love sharing a bunch of different appetizers or salgados. Butecos are very Carioca and a must pretty much anywhere in the country. And you can hope from one to the next so here's my ideal buteco crawl in Rio de Janeiro

*Note: Throw your healthy lifestyle out the window when your'e in a buteco. Just enjoy it.

Bar do David - Morro do Chapéu Mangueira (near Leme)

Everyone raves about the feijoada de frutos do mar, but I thought the croquete de frutos do mar were delicious.

Pavao Azul - Copacabana

This is a real locals spot. Go for the pastéis and the atmosphere.

Bar do Bahiano - Morro dos Cabritos (near Copacabana)

I never heard of this favela near my house and it was the first time I ever visited a comunidade without being invited by a local. Pretty real and pretty awesome bolinhos de bacalhau.

Oke Ka Baiana - Lagoa

This was one of the first places Hub and I checked out and I wrote about here. Love the views, love the pastéis and love the moqueca.

Severyna de Laranjeiras - Laranjeiras

This neighborhood is beautiful...they've preserved a lot of the old colonial architecture and it's peppered with cute boutiques, open markets and restaurants. One starving afternoon my friends and I came here and shared the escondido de camarão. So creamy, so delicious.

For my friend Annie's leaving do, we decided to do a buteco crawl in Leblon and we hit up this Spanish tapas bar. The patatas pravas and pulpo were damn good.

sorry for the blur

PIPO - Leblon

This place is a little $$$ but it was so so so good. They do fancy Brazilian food and the caldinho de feijao com espuma de couve (black bean soup with cabbage foam) and ostrix sliders were amazing. We also ordered this bomb ass wine.

There are so many noteworthy butecos in Rio that I'm dying to check out, but haven't. I'd love to hit up Adego Perola, Bar do Mineiro, Brasiero do Gavea, and Bar Urca to name a few. Also I'm only familiar with those in Zona Sul but I'd love to explore the Zona Norte. Just check out the spots included in the Comida de Buteco competition. 
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