Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bem Vindo para Teresópolis

A few weeks ago, Hub had a business meeting in Teresópolis and invited me to come along. I've never travelled outside of Rio so I was keen to see what a small town high in the mountains would be like. Welcome to Teresópolis.

Teresópolis is about 2 hours away and it was pretty cool to see the transition from gritty city to scenic mountainside. 

We did a quick photo stop at Dedo de Deus (God's Finger), which was cool. The views were beautiful and I also saw neighboring Petrópolis and Rio off in the distant.

Rio and Guanabara Bay

This area is filled with national parks like Serra dos Orgaos and Três Picos, where you can do some serious hiking. Our friend Elisa invited us to try this one, which is a 3-day hike from Petrópolis to Teresópolis. I'll admit I'm a little terrified, especially after the 3-Peaks Challenge. I heard this trail has dizzying heights.

The town itself is not much to look at, but there have some charming neighborhoods and pousadas worth checking out. It reminded me of little towns in El Salvador set against a Bavarian backdrop. It was kind of strange, beautiful and not beautiful. 

I want to stay at the Swiss style Pousada Chamonix
That afternoon we were taken to the local golf club, where we were wined and dined. Later we watched the sun set on the mountains over a bottle of red. It was fantastic.

I look forward to visiting Teresópolis again and exploring it more.
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