Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Street Child World Cup Rio 2014: Part 2

Happy belated Easter everyone or boa páscoa! We had a beautiful long weekend and the weather was gorgeous, so we hit the beach a lot. I can't wait to share some photos tomorrow.

It's kind of strange (and sad) how fast the Street Child World Cup came and went, but I guess that's the sign of a good time. I finally finished editing my photos and videos and I'm so happy that I captured some great smiles, wonderful dancing and some singing.

The Late Show

Every evening after dinner, we would have The Late Show where SCWC would share football highlights and each team gave a cultural performance. I absolutely loved this, especially the dances. It felt like a special glimpse into each of the different cultures that I probably wouldn't have the opportunity to experience if I was just a tourist in any of these countries.

Team Kenya

I loved the music from Team Egypt's dance. Egypt has always been high on my bucket list and when I go, I want to hear more of this.


Team Liberia started off with a choreographed dance, but I enjoyed their freestyle the most.

And Team Pakistan got the whole crowd going. That was pretty spectacular.

One night after The Late Show, the DJ carried on a bit so we could boogie and played Michel Teló's "Ai, se eu te pego." This song is so popular here and super catchy (I love it) and Team Brazil Girls would singing it every chance they got. Here below is their captain leading us in the song's dance, which is kind of like the Macarena.

Let's Dance...or break into song

Dancing and singing at the drop of the hat was a common occurrence at the SCWC and it was so fascinating to watch. Sometimes the kids just start singing Shosholoza, a South African folk song they all learned or break out a little freestyle circle because they were happy. 

Team Zimbabwe

Team Mauritius

 This was magical and it happened at the top of Cristo Redentor

Well as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. After two weeks away in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of boisterous (yet lovely) teenagers, I was ready to come home. I look forward to seeing these smiley faces again in the near future and I'm so grateful to have been part of this special experience.

permanent SCWC mural by Joel Bergner at Espaço Lonier

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