Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Detoxin' with Kris Carr

Following my New Year's resolution to be a holistic goddess, I've decided to kick start the year with Kris Carr's 21-Day Adventure Cleanse. For the next three weeks I will try to reduce the acidity of my insides (and release the toxins) by avoiding alcohol, wheat/gluten, sugar and high GI fruits, all meat products including seafood and dairy, and lastly giving up my morning cup of Joe. 

I am in awe of Kris Carr. Ever since I started reading about her story and how she lives life with stage IV cancer in her lungs and liver, I felt inspired. This is a woman who has now been living with incurable and inoperable cancer for over 10 years and looks fresh as a daisy. After seeing her film I felt like I wanted to be vegan, I wanted my immune system to be strong! I asked for her book Crazy Sexy Diet for Christmas and inhaled it like crispy french fries with ketchup. It's filled with great info about nutrition and explains in funny layman terms how food behaves once inside our bodies.

This idea behind the Crazy Sexy Lifestyle begins with the understanding of alkalinity versus acidity, the pH scale. Our body is designed to be slightly alkaline and our body operates at it's best when the blood pH is 7.365. In fact our body will do whatever it can to stay there, but things like environment, stress, and diet can cause acidity in our bodies leading to disease and illness.

"We control the destiny of our health.
We control the quality of our health."

-excerpt from Crazy Sexy Cancer

I was particularly drawn to this detox because it is a wholefoods, low fat, vegan diet and I've been fascinated by nutritional studies, like that of T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Neal Barnard, that show this kind of lifestyle can reverse diabetes, heart disease and help prevent cancer. I've never eaten this way before and I want to see if I can do it. Even for three weeks, can I hone in on the good and leave out the bad?

I'm also trying to understand my prediabetes and diabetes in general. Most of the info out there links diabetes to obesity, but what about people who are not obese? I recognize bad choices I've made in the past, but I also still feel very confused as to why I have prediabetes. I mean am I skinny fat? Do I have reactive hypoglycemia? I hope to share with you how it's going, some recipes, and intriguing facts.  

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