Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wine Night

In the lead up to our move to Rio de Janeiro for Hub's job with Street Child World Cup, we decided to have a few friends round for food and wine. Inspired by my WSET wine course and Erin's successful cheese night, Hub and I decided to throw a wine night. We wanted it to be very informal and more about enjoying the wine than critiquing it. We asked friends to bring a bottle of wine of their choice, selected from a wine shop instead of the local off-license.

And of course wine night wouldn't be complete without some munchies. We started off with dips, chips, crudite and cheese. After the third tasting, I busted out my homemade pizzas, but by then things got a little hazy. I forgot to take photos. Oops!

We had a good selection of both red and white wines and made sure everyone tried a glass (or two) of each. All the wines we tried were fantastic and here are the labels if you want to read up/buy them in the future. 

My favorites that evening were the two that Hub picked from Broadway Wines. I always prefer red to wine, but ever since my courses I've really started to crave white wines.


That night we were hit with a horrible thunderstorm and were so grateful to those who schlep out to see us. I'm sure going to miss these guys, our friends and family, our beautiful flat, London Fields and even you, London. It's been fun!

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