Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Welcome to Mykonos!

Sorry it's been so long since my last post, it's been a busy and productive 4 weeks. I can't wait to share all our exciting news with you soon!

So recently I went to Mykonos with some of my best buds Erin and Sherri and this was going to be our first trip together! Erin had been to Mykonos once before and a lot of people said Mykonos is like the Ibiza of Greece. I'm not a fan of big night clubs, but I was up for a night at Cavo Paradiso and very excited about girl time, Greek food, and naps on the beach. Mykonos was such a wonderful holiday and we discovered there's so much more than Super Paradise Beach. Here are some tips on navigating one of Greece's popular little islands.

On Mula 

Prior to my trip everyone kept telling me how expensive Mykonos is and it made me a little nervous. But I had my doubts and besides I'm one thrifty gal! I could find a cheap eat in Abu Dhabi. Most beaches appear to be privately owned by restaurants who entice us all with their happy, comfy beds and food service. However, I did noticed that all the beaches had a little area open to the public where you can lay out your towel and nip into your bakery bought Tyropita. No fees and no obligation to spend money at a restaurant. Another way to curb spending is to avoid cocktails or at least during the day and save them for the evening. Instead get yourself a Mythos, an Alpha or a glass of local wine, which are so much cheaper than a colorful concoction that will run anywhere between 10-15. And if you're not into clubbin', then BONUS. By avoiding Mykonos' big clubs you can pocket that 45 door fee and the astronomical drink prices. I heard even a small bottle of water is 10. Shish!

Seek Out Remote Locations

My friend Michelle from New York came to visit us in London and turns out, she was heading off to Mykonos too. We decided we had to link up and I'm so glad we did. The most talked about beaches on Mykonos are Paradise and Super Paradise, but Michelle led us to smaller, more remote beaches that were Über cool. Our first stop was Alemagou Beach Bar, which is an open air bungalow type restaurant on a petite little beach fitted with rustic wooden beds. After a bit of sunbathing, we headed to the restaurant where we had the best modern Mediterranean fare.

We then grooved our way through the sunset alongside Andre Balazs and Chelsea Handler as the DJ spinned a throwbackthursday set. Alemagou is a bit pricier then other beaches, but it was so worth it. 

The following day we headed towards Panormas beach and restaurant, which is much larger and it kind of feels like Sunday Brunch in Manhattan. Panormas is a bit more family oriented and there's a huge stretch of beach that's open to the public. We decided to treat ourselves to the big fluffy pillow beds and rose wine from the Panormas restaurant. We also enjoyed a bit of gawking; Matthew Williamson and his gang were sitting next to us.

Make New Friends

Greeks are so hospitable and will happily take you around and show you their favorite places given the chance. Whilst at Panormas Beach a dashing Greek approached my friend and within 5 minutes, we were all invited to his friend's BBQ at some fantastic villa at the highest point in Mykonos. When we arrived we were welcomed by a big group of people and treated like old friends. We lounged around the pool and feasted underneath the stars. It was fantastic. 


On another random day we met Kleon who offered to take us to a hippy beach and his favorite restaurant in Ornos. We were aptly excited! Agios Sostis is a charming untouched beach nearby Panormas and Alemagou. Apart from a very popular taverna and a small church on the trail down, there is nothing else. Clothing is also optional and at first it was a bit strange seeing families and friends lie, swim, and converse in the buff. I'm so used to associating nudity with sexuality, but after a while it seemed so natural and organic. We kept our cute swimsuits on, but I secretly wished I had the balls to hang out in my birthday suit. Maybe next time, with Hub of course!

Getting Around

We decided not to rent a car or ATVs, because we were chicken about driving in a foreign country. We managed just fine with the city bus, but you do need some mode of transport to explore the wonderful beaches discussed above and cites beyond the routes of buses and taxis. But let me warn you that driving in Mykonos is treacherous! There are no road rules, no lights only roundabouts and narrow streets that are two-way. People are pretty ballsy too, overtaking each other on sharp turns, so I would recommend getting a car. ATVS are very popular too and although they look like easy driving fun, they have no horsepower and we saw so many people struggling on the many hills of Mykonos. Oh and forget about cabs. We were unsuccessful in every attempt to find a cab and neither the hotel or taxi stand could get us one when we needed it. We heard a rumor that there are only 30 cabs on the island, I reckon it's more like 10. And why hasn't someone created Addy Lee in Mykonos?

Embrace Gluttony

Eat, eat and eat some more. Greek food is AMAZE, it's so fresh and just feels really healthy. There are tons of great little tavernas like Niko's or Marco Polo that deliver on both taste and price, but my favorite traditional Greek place was Lotus Restaurant. We decided to have our last supper here and just randomly found it while walking in Mykonos town. It felt like we were eating under a tree and the owners had so much character. In Mykonos we always ate mezze style, sharing lots of little dishes like tzatziki, saganaki and baked feta. Tip: your receipt will come in Greek and there's no point in deciphering those ancient little characters. Best thing to do is count the number of items on the list and if it seems right, well than okay!


I would go back to Mykonos in a heart beat and would love to rediscover it again with Hub. We stayed at Paradise View Hotel, which was really sweet with a great pool area, walking distance to Paradise Beach, conveniently located on the main bus route to Mykonos town and run by the nicest owner ever, George. They say Mykonos is the Ibiza of Greece and it is, but it doesn't have to be. 

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