Saturday, January 26, 2013

Checked in: Mission Chinese & Laboratorio del Gelato

I recently when home to visit my family and to celebrate my cousin's 30th birthday (as well as my own birthday). Although my trip was brief I did manage to squeeze a few good eats and I thought I'd share.

I know I've boasted about this place before, but this is by far the best Chinese I've had in New York. My colorful friend Stacey introduced me to Mission Chinese and it seemed appropriate to bid adieu to cold New York with a bit of heat. The first time around, we almost passed out from all the fiery dishes laden with bright red peppers, but we wised up this time around and balanced our favorite hot dish thrice cooked bacon with some cooler new additions.

Beijing Vinegar Peanuts

Fresh Rice Noodles

Taiwanese Clams

5-spice Beef Tendon Salad

It's no shocker that I loved the peanuts, but who knew that vinegar, sugar, anise and roasted garlic go so well together. The beef tendon was interesting. We were starving when we ordered and misread the tendon for tenderloin. Gelatinous beef is what we got and it's great if you're a nose to tail eater, alas we were not so adventurous.

Mission doesn't serve desserts, this was disappointing and kind of cool at the same time. Who does that? We contemplated for a bit about what Mission would come up with if they did do puddings and then made our way to il laboratorio del gelato. This gelateria was like a scientist's lab, stark white all around with metal benches. I have to say the decor is more suited for NYC's blazing hot summers, but we still enjoyed our gelato mid winter.

The black sesame was rare and tasty as was the olive oil, honey lavender, and earl grey. Since they rotate their flavors (check out their index) I need to go back and try Guinness, avocado and chestnut honey.

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