Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Where will you be watching the US 2012 Election tonight?

Photo courtesy of Dribbble

There are some pretty nifty parties going on in London and I checked out BarChick and Londonist for ideas within the vicinity of Hackney. For the 2008 Election, I was in London and I spent the evening debating about whether to trek out to Central London to watch the election live. In the end, my lazy ass missed out and I made a vow to go out and experience the election expat style.

I'm meeting up with Erin Donnelly and the Hub to watch the drama as it unfolds and we really liked the look of the following soirees:

Our local bar is owned (co-owned?) by an American and their splash page says it all "An East Village bar that got lost and ended up in East London." Great drinks, great atmosphere, nice & chatty bartenders. According to BarChick, for a fiver we can participate in political debates to win drinks and enjoy coffee, bar snacks, Beavertown beer and donkey and elephant shooters until we find out who wins.

Photo courtesy of Off Broadway

This place is awesome, its got an OLD school bar downstairs filled with Bethnal Green's retirees and on the ground floor, a laid back East end lounge. Thom Tuck of the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society will be hosting the US Election Giggle 2012.  I love the idea of a night filled with political jokes/comedic jabs at our candidates to pass time while the polls roll in between midnight & dawn. The drinks here are hella' cheap so for £10, not bad. 

I'm dying to check out Red Hook in Farringdon, in fact going their on Thursday (sorry Hub). Owned by Milk & Honey, they're selling tix for £65 and you get New York Sours or Chardonnay, all you can eat ribs plus fries/corn/slaw/pecan pie, unlimited American beer and Grey Goose Vodka espresso cocktails. If you make it pass midnight, hot dogs and breakfast to-go await. The jokes on the site are crackin'. Check it out.

Photo courtesy of TimeOut

Heading towards Angel, The Lexington pub will be covering the results on big screens. At a glance this sounds typical, but alas they will be dishing out FREE American fare late night. Expect hotdogs, twinkies and other sugary treats. Halloween leftovers, maybe?

We will most likely end up at Off Broadway...that is after I make a delicious American-esque meal. I'm thinking Ina Garten's cream of fresh tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for dipping. I'm so excited and so scared. Pictures will follow.

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