Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Egg Alternatives

Yesterday, Hub and I celebrated Easter with his parents and there were two large Easter Eggs on the table plus a little tin of baby ones. We generously tucked in, but my poor pa-in-law could not participate because he's diabetic.

Got me thinking about suitable alternatives for Hub's pa, my mom who has a heart condition and can't have chocolate (gives her palpitations), or my sister who's also diabetic. Here's what I found.

Rococo Chocolates do a Sugar-Free Easter Egg that comes beautifully wrapped in gold foil and their signature printed box. Thornton's also have a nice traditional version.

I recently tried Dr. Joshi's 21-day detox, which eliminates every allergenic food from your diet. Holland & Barrett offer the Celtic Easter Egg that is free-from everything and is dark chocolate, my favorite.

I could not find a chocolate-free egg anywhere! How can this be...making a mental note to produce a line of fantastic free-from Chocolate Easter Egg range with really cool packaging designed by my best friend Jess. I DID find that Lush Cosmetics make beautiful egg bath bombs that would be perfect for my mom who loves all things beauty.

Happy Easter Everybody! Also check out this great Choc-o-pedia article by the Independent and recipe for vegan chocolate covered cheesecake Easter eggs!

[The Rocky Road to Caramellow Extra Thick Easter Eggs image is by Hotel Chocolat]
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