Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dining Out: Surf & Turf...or just Surf.

Everyone is talking about Burger & Lobster and so we rounded up the gang and headed down to Clarges Street. As you may or may not know they don't accept reservations, a trend that's slowly making its way into London (as scene with Meat Liquor) inspired (albeit) by Brooklyn's Five Leaves and DuMont Burger. Side Note: Everyone in East London loves Brooklyn. Or Williamsburg I should say. Making people Que up for food is cool, especially when it's for 'get down & dirty' grub. 2nd Side Note: Will remember this when we open our own cool spot. Some day.

Since we were a massive party of 8, we thought lets get in early and eat before the 8pm Que'ers. Wrong. We arrived at 6:15 to an overly packed bar and filled dining room with Burger & Lobster bibbed patrons. Luckily, they take down your mobile number (instead of making you Que for ages on end like Grimaldi's Pizzeria) and give you a buzz when your table is ready. SWEEET and may I say good service. So we grabbed a pint or two (or three) in anticipation until 8ish when we got the call.

SO worth the wait. My friend Benj was hoping someone would order the burger, but alas we are no fools. We wanted lobster for £20 - roll or no roll. It was heaven. 

The lobster meat was succulent, sweet and in abundance and that melted garlic butter was to die for (literally) and I dipped my fries along with my lobster. 

We left our salads to the side along with everyone else. The waitress told us that everybody leaves the salad. We were stuffed to the gills by the end of it

FYI...In pursuit of reviews of B&L, I discovered a great food blog. The Skinny Bib. Check it out.
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