Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lucky Chip: Yummy Burgers Just on our Door Step

For months now, my husband and I have been getting a good whiff of beef from the Netil Market across our apartment and we finally decided to get our hands on whatever was coming from the street meat cart.

So last Saturday, after hours of bathing in some rare London sun , the hub, my good friend Heather, and I headed to the Lucky Chip cart for some much sought after burgers. We went for bacon burgers, el chappo, one order of truffle fries, and one order of wasabi mayo and ginger sweet chili fries.

Let me just say delish! It kind of reminded me of Corner Bistro because it's a dirty burger; forgo the knives and forks here. The Ginger Pig patty seeps right into the buttery brioche bun and then there's the toppings - pickles, cheese, bacon...It was well worth the reasonable $6.50 plus it's BYOB.

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